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Abraham's House of Prayer - A Beacon for Religious Tolerance

In this time of religious turmoil, moderates of each faith - Christian, Jewish and Muslim - are closer to each other than they are to fundamentalists within their own religion. The San Francisco Center for Spiritual Community has embraced a bold vision to create a shared worship space in San Francisco for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Our goal is to create a shared worship space - called "Abraham's House of Prayer" - that promotes dialogue and understanding between the three Abrahamic faiths. The religious leaders who have joined in the Abraham's House of Prayer Project include:

These leaders are committed to having three congregations worshipping in one building, each with their own traditions and faith symbols intact. We will honor our differences but look for our similarities. The San Francisco Center for Spiritual Community is responsible for the fundraising to make this effort possible. This fundraising effort renovate the Noe Valley Ministry building and create a shared worship space:
  1. Create shared worship space: accommodate needs of Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations
  2. Ensure building safety: repair foundations, electrical and plumbing systems
  3. Increase building accessibility: installing elevator and upgrade bathrooms
  4. Improve building usability: enhance performing areas and meeting rooms

The cost of these repairs is $4.5M. To do this work, we need your help!

The Center For Spiritual Community represents the more than 30 community groups based in the Noe Valley Ministry Building. This group includes community leaders like Peter Gabel, founder of the Noe Valley Farmer's Market; Bill Jackson, founder of GreatSchools.Net; and Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, CEO of Goodwill San Francisco.

Already, this group has raised over $1,300,000. We are now reaching out to community leaders to make significant contributions towards the campaign to save Noe Valley's "Town Hall." If you can make a contribution to this effort, please contact Chris Keene (chris at ckeene dot com).

What do sad people have in common? They have all built a shrine to the past And often go there to wail and worship. What is the beginning of happiness? It is to stop being so religious like that. Hafiz
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A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile -Don McClean


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